Let me know if this proceeds smoothly – instructions for Android are pending someone with an Android willing to document the process. 😊


The following is for an iPhone.


1.)    Here’s your end goal – tapping on the widget in the left screen image gives you the screen on the right, which people can easily scan.



2.)    To accomplish this, first save the QR Code to your Photos.


3.)    Open the APPLE Photos app.



4.)    Go to your “Albums” collection.

5.)    Create a new album.


6.)    Name it “VCard” (without the quotes.) Save it.


7.)    In the following screen, which is asking you to add photos to your newly-created album, tap ONLY the QR Code image, and tap “Add”


You now have an album with only your VCard in it. Close out of it, and get back to your screen.


8.)    On the screen you want the QR Code icon to be, tap and hold, to activate the “Screen editing” mode.



9.)    Tap the “+” sign to add to the screen.


10.) In the “Search Widgets” edit box, type “Photo” and tap the “Photos” widget.


11.) In the Photos widget, swipe right (1) until you’re adding an “Album,” (2) not “Featured.” Tap the small widget. (3)


12.) On the screen with your new widget, press and hold the widget to bring up its menu. Tap on “Edit Widget.”


13.) Tap on “Favorites” and change it to “Vcard”

14.) Your chosen screen should something look like this – this was the goal, shown in step 1.